This is a real cool guitar I bought first for its look. I've been said that color wasn't available in France and was a custom one; the guitar would have been bought in London.

The first thing that caught my eye is that it is a cross between a Rickenbacker ,a Fender Jaguar and a Danelectro. Cool family, isn't it? The neck is a typical Rickenbacker one, with the same inlays and a copycat head. BUT it has been made to play fast, and the guitar is best suited to rythm than to lead, and it will be very hard to play blues on it ( well, you can play blues on anything...).



The body is reminiscent of old Fender-style. The F-hole is a Rick one.

The guitar is very heavy; don't know what kind of wood they used, but despite the F-hole, it's a pain to play hours on it!

The Pickups are two "lipsticks" that sound really thin. It's super hard to make a tube amp scream with these picks. But when you put a fuzz....waouh! A three position switch is provided, as well as a volume and a tone control which is also an out-of-phase switch.

The tone is jangly, thanks to the pickups, but very thin. A good rythm guitar sums it up.

One word again: the tremolo is excellent (the bar is not original), one of the best I ever had: precise, sweet and clean. But don't use it too much...


Details on the head. A typical Rick one...

The machine heads are good, too. The whole lutherie is very well made, anf gives a real sensation of reliability and quality.

This guitar is in excellent condition; I've bought it cheap from a friend. First time I saw her, he was playing it live in a club, and I soon noticed how good she was looking. She's now mine!

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Here are some details...nice pickguard, isn't it? Oh yeah, I've broke a string...